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Essential oils, extracted from plants, are the compounds often used as an alternative medicine form in aromatherapy. Capturing the plant’s flavor & scent, especial aromatic compounds provide its “essence” to essential oils & can help you to be in the best of health. 

Whether dabbling a few droplets onto the body, mixing them to bathwater or taking as supplement capsules, essential oils could be a perfect add-up to your routine to realize the amazing benefits. Let’s see the list of the worlds’ most effective essential oils and how to uses those to inculcate into your healthy lifestyle.

Chamomile Oil

Chamomile plant often recognized as tea plant works well as oil too. According to a Molecular Medicine Reports study, chamomile oil is good for working on blemishes, inflammation, skincare and acne. The oil proves beneficial for relieving stress, so you may enjoy a better night’s rest by adding a few droplets to your pillowcase. 


Peppermint Oil

Different studies have reflected Peppermint Oil as a miraculously beneficial and versatile oil. If we cranial portion from abdomen to head it makes up a list of numerous benefits:

  • Helpful in curing nagging headaches.
  • A possible alternative treatment for hair loss.
  • Oral hygiene
  • The regular use of this scented oil boosts alertness by 30 percent and keeps you awake.
  • Capsules of Peppermint oil helps in dealing with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and indigestion problem to improve digestion system

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oils, regardless of conventional religious implication, delivers plentiful benefits and are largely focalized on disease prevention. According to an article in The Journal Oncology Letters the oil has potential to eliminate tumor and breast cancer cells. It is also induces relaxation and is used meditation & yoga sessions.


Lavender Oil

Extracted from the flower, aroma of a few droplets of lavender oil on pillowcase can promise you insomnia-free nights, and an overall well-being. Moreover, a clinical study suggests, the oil also helps in easing menstrual pain cramps. So, whether you’re enjoying a much-needed massage or mixing it to bath water, realize both the benefits it renders along the intoxicating scent.


Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree Australian native oil possess anti-fungal properties to treat numerous skin problems, for example dandruff & athlete foots. It’s no wonder the oil is often present in percentages in natural shampoos.


Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is very often used to clear chest congestion & nasal sinuses regardless of whether you suffer from asthma or just have cold.


The Oil is greatly helpful in improving asthma symptoms & lung function for patients with such conditions. It works well with the flu and allergies that comes along the change of seasons.


Clove Oil

Clove oil has some good pain-relieving properties and has been used by the dental industry for years to treat dental abscesses & toothache. It is often present in dental rinses and mouth washes. The oil is also a potent arthritic reliever, beneficial for rheumatism due to its pain numbing properties.


Aside from the list of seven, there are many more essential oils that provide a range of benefits & these include grapefruit oil, Sage oil, Orange Oil, Rosemary oil, lemon oil, geranium rose oil, oregano oil, Jojoba and Argon oils – which are utilized for skin care & beauty.


A Final Word in regards to Quality

Whichever oils you choose to use, ensure that when purchasing said oils are of high quality, you get the ones that are 100% organically produced USDA certified pure oils. As organic essential oils are properly distilled so that not to compromise its phytochemical content.  Be cautious that they are chemical free and may not be diluted with potentially toxic ingredients. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to consult your Physician before taking any of the essential oils into use to be on the safer side and avoid unseen circumstances.