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Best Nuts for Losing Weight and Health Benefits of 9 Most Nutritious Nuts

The Health benefits of nuts are innumerable. There are the best nuts for losing weight. There are also the best nuts for losing protein. Nuts can also prevent cancer. They are high in fiber and protein.

Types of Nuts

A nut is a fruit having a hard shell and edible seed. They have multiple groups and classes. Some of them are:

  • True nuts: 

These nuts do not open to release the seeds. Chestnut is an example.

  • Drupes: 

They have an outer fleshy cell with a seed inside. Cashew is an example of a drupe.

  • Gymnosperm seeds: 

These nuts do not have enclosed seeds. An example is pine nut.

  • Angiosperm seeds: 

They have a large fruit with a seed inside. Peanuts are an example.

Other divisions are based on how they grow. There are some tree nuts like almonds and some groundnuts like peanuts. Roasted nuts have a different nutrient profile than nuts having sugar or salt.

9 Healthiest Nuts

  1. Almonds

They are high in fiber, protein, and vitamin E. One ounce of almonds has 161 calories. Almonds can decrease cholesterol levels and belly fat. They also improve insulin sensitivity. 

  1. Brazil Nuts

These nuts are high in selenium. They fight against free radicals to prevent cell damage. One ounce of Brazil nuts has 185 calories.

  1. Cashews

They are popular because they provide plenty of healthy fats as well as health benefits. One ounce of cashews has 155 calories. They also have sufficient quantities of carbohydrates, protein, fat and dietary fiber. Along with them, they have various nutritious elements too.

Cashews are full of antioxidants and reduce the risk of chronic disease in the body. Cashews are also low in fats than other types of nuts.

  1. Hazelnuts

They are a great source of manganese and copper. One ounce of hazelnuts has 176 calories. They also provide various essential micronutrients to the body. Hazelnuts are the best nuts when it comes to reducing the risk of heart disease. They also boost vitamin E levels in the blood.

  1. Macadamia Nuts

They are high in fats and nutrients like thiamine and manganese. One ounce of macadamia has 203 calories. They promote heart health. They also reduce the inflammation level in heart patients.

  1. Valencia Peanuts

Peanuts are the readily available dry fruits. They have various essential vitamins and minerals. One ounce of dry-roasted peanuts has 164 calories. They reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Eating peanut once a week during pregnancy reduces allergic risk in children.

  1. Pecans

They are famous for their cardiovascular benefits. One ounce of pecans has 195 calories. They reduce the risk of heart disease and decrease cholesterol levels.

  1. Walnuts

Walnuts provide proteins as well as manganese, copper and magnesium. One ounce of walnuts has 183 calories. They are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. They also improve brain functions in animals.

  1. Pistachios

Pistachios are also one of the best sources of protein. One ounce of pistachios has 161 calories. Pistachio improves blood lipid levels and lowers the ratio of bad LDL. They also regulate blood sugar levels.

Are There Unhealthy Nuts?

Although we have plenty of nuts with nutritional value, the processing of nuts diminish their value. Pre-shelled nuts become rancid as they leave the natural casing of the nuts exposed. Flavored nuts are high in sugar or salt and reduce health benefits. Unsalted, dry-roasted nuts are a safe option when ensuring the best quality.


All nuts are valuable because they have multiple health benefits. However, they work well if taken in moderation. Additionally, they have some side effects like allergies. Unsalted, dry-roasted nuts are better than the loaded ones.