March 05, 2021 3 min read

Practical Tips to Help Weight Loss in Children by Changing Everyday Routine

Obesity in children is a dreading situation in the U.S. Two-third of children there are obese. Apart from that, because of this obesity, they have exposure to multiple health issues. They are suffering mentally and physically. Therefore, having parents’ support during weight loss in children showed more positive and encouraging results.

The Epidemic of Overweight Children

Many factors adding towards obesity are lifestyle, environmental and cultural ones. The major contributing ones are a high amount of sugar in sodas and juices, increased food intake and less physical activity.

An effective measurement tool for obesity is the BMI chart. Overweight children have BMIs higher than the 85th percentile and lower than the 95th percentile. 

How to Lose Weight for Kids: Parents Are the Key

The results of a study showed that parents are the driving agent behind children weight loss. Educated parents on weight loss had a more deep impact on their kids' weight loss journey. Therefore, parents who implement healthy eating habits in the home influence their children weight loss journey.

 10 Tips on How to Help a Child to Lose Weight?

If you want your kid to lose fat effectively, then follow these ten tips.

  1. Choose a Food Lifestyle that Works

Firstly, having a balanced diet is the first key to weight loss. Having a suitable diet regime that helps in healthy weight loss is far better than fad diets. 

One example of such a healthy diet is the Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes fruits and veggies in meals. A gluten-free diet is also an alternative for the gluten-intolerant child. 

  1. Cutting Processed Foods 

Cutting processed food and extra sugar from the daily regime is a highly recommended step towards healthy weight loss. Replacing unhealthy and sugar-enriched carbohydrates with healthy treats and snacks always feel pleasing to taste buds.

  1. Home Cooking

Preferring a home-cooked meal to take away and dine-out will ensure the availability of nutritious food for your child. Utilizing some kitchen hacks to be proactive in meal preparations can save trouble for the whole week.

  1. Physical Exercises

Involving your child in physical sports and activities ensure a healthy step towards weight loss. Becoming active with them will provide them with a sense of belongingness, and they will feel more enthusiastic.

  1. When to Stop

Forcing children towards eating everything on the plate will create a negative impact on their mind. Let them eat according to their appetite but ensuring it in moderation.

  1. Kids in the Kitchen

Involving children in prepping the weekly family menu and taking their help in chores related to the kitchen will make them more responsible towards eating healthy. They will eat healthy foods and snacks, which they prepared on their own.

  1. Serving New Foods 

Introducing new food to a child’s palate will take some time to sink in but make them more tolerant towards accepting changes. Slow and steady wins the race. Eventually, they will also start liking it.

  1. Food Categorization

Sometimes, you cannot bound your child to have treats out of their formulated food group. Therefore, let them enjoy some food items, which they like. Later on, you can discuss having some particular food on a special occasion.

  1. Portion Sizes

Children portion size matters a lot. Starting with a small serving portion size and moving to another one if needed will help children adapt to eat according to their appetite.

  1. Family Affair

The family bond is the best motivation behind weight loss in children. Design meal plans that the whole family can eat, keeping nutrition factor in mind. Avoid eating all those things from which you stop your children.


Although these tips are beneficial, still there is a need to consult a dietitian for consultation. Above all, it will provide you with an effective regime to follow.